• Financial Planning and Budget Analysis for Boards of Education.

  • Facilities Analysis and Planning for Boards of Education

  • Understanding and Improving School Outcomes of Trauma Impacted Students

  • Board’s Role in Increasing Systems’ Graduation Rates

  • Planning for Boards of Education (including Strategic Planning)

  • Data Analysis and Accountability Measures for Boards of Education 

  • Communication Strategies for Boards of Education 

  • Board Roles and Responsibilities; Accreditation, Standards, and Statutes 

  • Strategic Planning:  Next Steps 

  • Curriculum and Instructional Leadership for Boards of Education 

  • Employing and Evaluating the Superintendent 

  • Attracting, Developing, and Retaining School and System Leadership 

  • Legal Issues and Ethics for Boards of Education 

  • The Personnel Function: Understanding and Maintaining the Board’s Role 

  • Establishing, Reviewing, and Revising of System Goals and Priorities

GLA is saddened by the loss of Henry Cooper on February 17, 2021. 
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