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Services Provided by King-Cooper

- Assist the Board in reviewing applicant materials and rating applicants

- Check two to four references on each candidate

- Assist the Board in interview preparation and provide all interview materials

- Schedule candidates for interviews

- Assess school district need in relation to the superintendent selection

- Assist the Board in developing a leadership profile for a new superintendent

- Establish timelines for the search

- Develop and distribute application materials, including a brochure for statewide        distribution

- Assist the Board with public input

- Advertise the position with appropriate agencies

- Handle all correspondence, including responding to applicants and notifying applicants   of the status of the search

- Solicit nominations and recruit candidates for the position

- Assist the Board in ranking candidates and selecting finalists

- Assist the Board in compiling salary and benefits data and contract preparation

- As requested, provide information for the media

- Advise the Board on compliance with all legal guidelines

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